Play #4 Sermon Series Bump

Using Text in Church for Sermon Series Bump

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See the above graphic for the Playbook Play #4 with sample text messages you could send as part of this implementation step.

A great way to increase your attendance from current church members is to do a sermon series. This is a collection of sermons that run several weeks in a row that follow a theme or topic of interest. Doing sermons several weeks in a row that have a running theme can help get members interested and seeking more, making them more likely to attend future weeks of the given series.

Text in Church makes it easy to promote these sermon series events. You can schedule a message in advance to go out on weekday prior to the event and ask them to invite a friend. Follow up with a message within two days of the service to help them remember to make sure and make it. You can even send an email that would give more details about the topic and include a pretty graphic/flyer for the series.


Feel free to use below text to copy and paste when drafting a new message under the Messages tab. You can schedule these messages in advance to go on a specific date and time. We recommend sending once during the week before the service (a great time is over lunch break) and then again either Friday night or Saturday morning as they start their weekend.

New Series Invite Text:

"Join us next Sunday as we start the new sermon series [INSERT TITLE] where we will explore [INSERT SERIES DETAILS]! Invite a friend! --[INSERT PASTOR NAME]"

New Series Reminder Text:

"Don't miss it! Sunday we kick off the new series [INSERT TITLE] at [INSERT CHURCH NAME]. --[INSERT PASTOR NAME]"

Second Week Reminder Text:

"[INSERT TITLE] continues this week! Don't miss a great message about [INSERT SERMON DETAILS]! --[INSERT PASTOR NAME]"

Below is just a sample of what it looks like under your Pending Messages section when you've scheduled date specific messages for a sermon series bump.

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