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Using Text in Church for your Youth Group

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See the below graphic for the Playbook Play #10 with sample text messages you could send as part of this implementation step.

With Text In Church, you can now easily communicate with the often hard-to-reach youth! Let's face it, most teenagers are glued to their phones. Why not reach them by their preferred method of communication.

Each youth pastor or leader can have their own log-in to Text In Church and be an account manager if desired. Then they can check incoming messages from youth who are more likely to text than any other method of communication. This keeps all correspondence going to the church line, not the youth leader's personal cell phone, which is great for transparency and parent's ease of mind.

The youth leaders can send individual messages to youth as needed or Group messages reminding them of events. Adding links to pages of your website can provide additional information quickly to them as well.

We have a Group follow-up system for your youth Group that you can import from a template in the Automated Workflows tab of your Group. Below is an image showing the four steps that will load for editing.

SCHEDULED EMAIL SCRIPTS: There are times when date-specific messages need to be sent about a group.  You can do this under the Messages tab, then New Message, and select the group when sending.  Then you can queue to send right then, or schedule for a date & time coming up.

Event Sign Up Text:
"{FIRST_NAME}, Don't forget the last day to sign up for [INSERT EVENT NAME] is [INSERT DATE]. Hope you can join us!  ~ [INSERT PASTOR NAME] Sign up Link below. [INSERT LINK]"

Invite a Friend Text:

"Don't forget to invite a friend to [INSERT EVENT NAME], {FIRST_NAME}! We are hosting it at [INSERT EVENT DETAILS]  ~[INSERT PASTOR NAME]"

Check-in Text:
"How are you doing today, {FIRST_NAME}? Just checking in to see how [INSERT PERSONAL MESSAGE] went.  I'm here to talk if needed! ~ [INSERT PASTOR NAME]"

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