Within Text In Church, we have several automated workflow templates for you to use. This will auto populate a list of workflow steps with suggested text.  These templates have been used by several other churches and are a solid plan to start with. You are free to edit the messages or remove any that don't fit your needs.

Traditionally, common templates offer a large number of variables that can be filled by the user, while "Smart Templates" will populate the variables with the the information you provide.

Variable Text Needed: First Name, Last Name, Pastor Title, Email and Church Name.

Check out the instructions below to learn how to set up your Smart Template! 

Accessing Smart Templates

1 - Go to Groups, then select any Group from your list

2 - Click on Automated Workflows sub tab

3 - Click on Import Steps

4 - Select the a Workflow that you want to Import the Steps

5 - In the pop up box, fill the fields Pastor First Name, Pastor Last Name, Pastor Title, Pastor Email and Church Name. Your entries will replace variables in the workflow steps with your custom information. 

(This information is for the sender of all follow up messages and is generally the main pastor or the person who most of the communication comes from at your church.) 

6 - Click on Add Template Steps button

7 - After the steps are imported you will see a list of the steps that were generated. Click the name of the step in blue see the message details.

8. Adjust messages as need and click Save Step at the top to save any edits.

9. Make sure all are set to Active (green dot indicator) and ready to send. You can activate or change the dot from red to green by opening the message and clicking "Activate Step".

Most of the template messages will have a green dot indicating they are active. However, some will have a red one if additional information is needed inside the message to make it ready to go. Make the changes to your message as desired.  Click Activate Message, then click Save the message.  

Note you can duplicate or delete any of these templates steps you don't want to use. They are just a suggested road map for you to get started with communication with TIC. 

If you'd like help with getting groups set up with personalized automated workflows, contact support about purchasing the Communication Kickstart Program, where we provide advanced help in setting up your groups and workflows. This program can get you going even faster with Text In Church, if needed.

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