Text In Church offers you unlimited email sending. Even though texting is read at much higher rates as well as responded to much more often, email still offers value in communication. We recommend keeping your emails short and making them look more like a personal message you would have sat down and individually typed to the recipient. Just think about all the pretty emails you get each week in your inbox and out of those how many are plain text and look personal? Not very many usually. You will get higher read and response rates to email if you keep it short, simple, and relevant. The nice part is you can also schedule these messages in advance to save you time.

To send a one time scheduled email:

  1. Go to Messages
  2. Click New Message button at the top left

3. Choose Email Message in the pop up box

4. Enter in your information for Message From Name, Message Reply to email (where you want replies to go as TIC doesn't host incoming email replies, we let you do that in your personal email inbox), Subject Name, and the body of the message. Click Done in blue when done.

5. Choose who should get the message (you can opt to send to one person or multiple)

6. Select when they should get the message (Immediately or Later)

7. Review your message and set it live

Text In Church offers automated follow up steps that include emails. Click here if you want to learn more about Automated Workflows.

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