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Troubleshooting the CCB Integration
Troubleshooting the CCB Integration

How to Resolve Error Messages During Initial Set-up and Sync Failures with the CCB Integration

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Error Messages During Initial Set-up

Incorrect API Password:

  • For the integration with CCB to work correctly, you must create an API Username and Password from inside the settings of your CCB account. Do not enter your CCB or Text In Church Username/Password as your API Username and Password.

  • View this article to learn how to create your API Username and Password in CCB

    πŸ‘‰ View the Guide Here​

API Configured Incorrectly:

  • During the Initial Set-Up process, the correct API Services must be selected in CCB. If any are missed or any extra are selected, it will cause errors.

  • Inside the API Settings of your CCB account, open the API User you created for the integration (by clicking the name in blue), then view the "Services" tab. Here, ensure that the ten services listed below are all selected and that they are the only services selected.

    • add_individual_to_group

    • create_individual

    • group_participants

    • group_profile_from_id

    • group_profiles

    • individual_groups

    • Individual_profiles

    • individual_profile_from_id

    • individual_search

    • remove_individual_from_group

Sync Failures:

If you find that the number of people on the CCB group does not match the number of people in the TIC Group, you can review the "Sync Logs" tab inside of your TIC Group to review why the contacts were not synced.

No Contact Information:

  • For a person to be synced from CCB into Text in Church, they must have some basic information, such as name, email, and/or phone.

  • Resolution: Add a valid number or email address to the primary contact information in CCB

Duplicate Contact:

  • If more than one person in the Group (in CCB) has the same email or phone data, only one will be synced into the Text In Church group, the other will be flagged as a duplicate. Example: If you have a husband and wife sharing the same email or phone in CCB, then only one will be synced and even if you try to change the email of one of them to try to sync both, it will not work because Text In Church has already flagged the other as a duplicate.

  • Resolution: Manually add the other contact to TIC listing their unique contact information.

Leader Status:

  • If the person is marked as a leader in this Group in CCB, they will not automatically be synced into the group in TIC.

  • Resolution: Inside Text In Church, open Settings, and view the CCB Integration. Check the "Leader Sync" checkbox by this group name to sync leaders. The leader would then be synced to the group with the completion of the next sync.

Parent Records in Text In Church updated to have Child's name:

  • Child contacts can be brought over through CCB. This often results in parent profiles in Text In Church being updated with their child's name because the child's profile contains the exact same contact information.

  • Resolution: Make sure the Groups in CCB that are set to sync into Text In Church only contain the Adult contacts that you wish to communicate with. Make sure that if some youth are being synced into Text In Church that they contain their own unique contact information, not shared with a parent.

If you find that you are running into any additional errors or need any help resolving these errors, please feel free to reach out to our Member Support team at Be sure to include a quick description of the error and any steps you might have already taken to resolve the error. Together we'll be able to work towards a solution 😊

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