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How to create a repeating workflow.
How to create a repeating workflow.
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Automated Workflows are one of the key features of Text In Church.

They are super powerful in following up automatically with people who are added to a given Group.

You can also create Automated Workflow steps that can be repeated, sending the message again on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to your members.

In this example, I’ll be showing you how to build a weekly bible study reminder that repeats!

  1. First, navigate to the Workflow section under Connect.

  2. Then click Add New in the top right corner and select Create From Scratch.

3. Next set a name for your Workflow to help identify it later if you need to make any changes! In this example Workflow the title is “Bible Study Reminder”.

4. We can then set our Workflow Trigger, for this example, we will use the Group Trigger which will trigger the Workflow to begin when someone joins the Group we selected.

(Note: We recommend creating your Workflow and then adding it to your Group before adding contacts for the best result!).

5. Click the “Add Step” Button and select the step we would like to use.

I’ll be using the Text Message option as I would like the Group members to receive a text with this reminder, however, the Email option can also be used!

6. Next configure when this step will send!

For our example, we will set it to go out on Thursday at 1:08pm.

Sending at a time that isn’t exactly on the hour can help to make the message feel more personal and less automated.

7. Enable “Repeat this step” to have the message sent again each week for a specific number of weeks.

Pro Tip: you can set the number of repeats to 0, and the step will repeat each week infinitely. However, sending the exact same message every single week can cause people to start to ignore the content of the message.

In this example, I’ve set the number of repeats to 13 weeks, so that the message is only the same for this quarter. Next quarter, I can create a new repeating message to change up the content and sending time.

8. Click “Save Step” and finally we can click the Activate button in the top right of the Workflow we have created to ensure our steps are ready to be sent once we add our members to our Group to have this Workflow begin

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