Your Groups section is where you are able to manage, organize, and communicate with your Groups. You can make changes to the Group, such as the Keyword or Connect Card in that Group, and access your Automated Workflows. Let me show you around!

Here is where you can add a new Group. As you add Groups, you can start personalizing the messages more, making them more specific and relevant to the people in that Group. So, don't be afraid of having multiple Groups that are more targeted instead of large Groups.

The video below shows you how to set up your Digital or SMART Connect Card. It's just like a paper connection card you use in your sanctuary, except it's a digital version. This allows you to gather contact information, in addition to asking a few follow-up questions. Check it out here!

Article: How To Use Smart Connect Cards

Finally, check out how to view and manage the members in each of your Groups:

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