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Using Text in Church for Guest Follow-Up

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See below graphic for the Playbook Play #2 with sample text messages you could send as part of this implementation step.

Everyone knows that you should follow up with guests that come to your church, but finding the time to effectively do that is a challenge. Text In Church makes automatic follow up for guests easy and helps you make sure all guests are followed up with. We have a template set just designed for First Time Guest Follow Up that you can load within your Guest Group. This template gives you an outline of suggested steps to use over a six week period. Our Automated Workflow system allows you to edit these template steps (or create your own) and they can be used week after week. Set it up once and then let it run in the background.

Guests can join your Group via Keyword, Digital Connection Card link on a tablet in a hospitality area, or you can manually enter a paper card gathered from the pews. The beauty is it doesn't matter how they get into TIC, they will all get the same detailed follow up.

When following up with guests you want to provide them information about your church to help them decide where to establish a church home. You also want to remind them to come back. If they aren't regular attendees, it can be hard to get into the habit of coming to church. Simple text message reminders the day before the service can remind them in an ever busy world. You can also invite them to a casual "meet the pastors" event like coffee with the pastors (but you could do ice cream or pizza or whatever fits your style). Make your follow up less pushy and more casual to provide information and open the doors with welcoming arms and help them choose to come back!


You will want to create a Group for first time guests. You can load Automated Workflow steps from our template set. This is just a recommended plan of how to follow up and you can edit, delete, duplicate, and adjust how you see fit for your church. Click Import From Template and then the items below will populate.


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