See below graphic for the Playbook Play #8 with sample text messages you could send as part of this implementation step.

Text in Church allows you quick and easy communication with all your members through group messages.  You can do one-time messages to queue immediately after you draft it or schedule the message for the future.

We recommend having a "Members in the Loop" group that you can send event reminders, urgent cancellation notices, general information, and even checking in messages after a service.  Keep that communication open with members to encourage them to grow in their faith and help your church grow by continuing to attend regularly.  Below is the steps that you can import from template for the Members in the Loop group:

SCHEDULED EMAIL SCRIPTS:There are times when date specific messages need to be sent about a group.  You can do this under the Messages tab, then New Message, and select the group when sending.  Then you can queue to send right then, or schedule for a date & time coming up.

Inclement Weather Text:
"{FIRST_NAME}, services are cancelled tomorrow at [INSERT CHURCH NAME] due to inclement weather.  Stay safe! ~ [INSERT PASTOR NAME]"

Invite a Friend Text:

"Don't forget to invite a friend to [INSERT EVENT NAME], {FIRST_NAME}! We are hosting it at [INSERT EVENT DETAILS]  ~[INSERT PASTOR NAME]"

Check in Text:
"How are you doing today, {FIRST_NAME}? I hope you were able to take some good points from Sunday's sermon. I'm here to talk if needed! ~ [INSERT PASTOR NAME]"

MEMBER CHECK IN: Have you noticed someone hasn't attended in a while?  Why not do an automated follow up to check on them?  Create a group and import the templates from "Where Have You Been?"  We have a series of 4 messages to check up on them and let them know you care. 

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