There are some common things that can happen sometimes that would cause a message to not go out as planned. 

  • If the message is not set to active. You can tell if a message is active or not by the color of the dot to the right of the message. If it is RED then it is NOT active. If green then that message is active. 
  • If a person has already received a workflow step, they will not get it again.
  • If the message was scheduled after a person had joined. Always make sure to set up your workflow BEFORE adding people to the group. Because the workflows operate based on when a person joins then if a person was in the group for three days and you set up a message to send 2 days after joining then that person would not get the message as he would have been in for three days already.
  • If the person opted out of getting messages. Sometimes a person will opt out and not even know if. You can check this by clicking on their name in the people section and then letting them know so that they can rectify it. 
  • If a message was deleted. This may seem like an obvious one, but it can happen. Making sure that all your messages are there will be a huge help! 
  • No one has joined. This is a very common one. Because the workflow is based on when a person joins, if no one joins for a week or two there might be a lull in receiving messages, specifically I am speaking about reminder messages. Pastors/Staff and Volunteers get used to seeing those reminder messages come in for the group. If no one joins for a week or two then those messages might stall out for those few weeks. 

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