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The Beginner's Guide to Church Texting

Transform your church communication with effective texting! 6-steps to become a Texting Pro connecting and engaging with people effortlessly

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Harness the power of text messaging to strengthen connections with your church members and guests!

1. Divide and Conquer:

  • What to do: Share texting responsibilities with your team.

  • Why: Distributing tasks ensures efficient communication without burdening a single person.

2. Segment Your Contacts:

  • What to do: Group your contact lists by recipient type.

  • Why: Segmenting helps send tailored messages to specific groups, avoiding irrelevant information.

3. Personalize Your Texts:

  • What to do: Make your messages sound like natural, personal texts.

  • Pro Tip: Use recipients' names for a personalized touch in each message.

4. Encourage Replies:

  • What to do: Leave messages open-ended or ask questions.

  • Why: Responses lead to connections, fostering meaningful relationships.

5. Master One Strategy at a Time:

  • What to do: Focus on one aspect of your strategy before moving to the next.

  • Example: Prioritize connecting with members or following up with first-time guests.

6. Be Ready to Respond:

  • What to do: Schedule messages when you can promptly respond.

  • Why: Timely responses make members feel known, noticed and loved.

Transform your church's communication by following these six steps. Click the link for additional tips on managing your inbox without overwhelming your schedule. Become a Texting Pro and build stronger connections with your community.

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