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What's the best way to launch TIC to my church? Learn 5 simple steps to launch successfully and engage your community beyond Sunday

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Are you wondering how to successfully launch Text In Church at your church? Tyler Smith, co-founder, and CEO of Text In Church shares five simple steps to help you make a significant impact on your ministry's communication.

1. Welcome Speech and Slides:

  • What to do: Mention Text In Church in your welcome speech and display it on slides.

  • Why: Reinforce the message by including it before, during, and after service for several weeks.

2. Save the Number:

  • What to do: Encourage people to save your Church's Text In Church phone number in their phones.

  • Why: A saved contact with your Church's name makes text messages more personal. Enables easy communication for questions or prayer requests.

3. Leadership Support:

  • What to do: Get key leaders on board, including volunteers and staff to use texting in their communication strategies. Learn how to talk to your leadership here.

  • Why: Having leadership backing adds credibility and encourages adoption.

4. Pre-launch Messages:

  • What to do: Prepare text and email messages before the official launch.

  • Why: Demonstrate the effectiveness of Text In Church from day one. Shows members how the platform works and builds confidence in its use.

5. Consistent Use:

  • What to do: Commit to using Text In Church consistently for 6 to 12 months.

  • Why: Understand how the platform works, identify what resonates, and optimize your communication strategy. Engage with your community for guest follow-up, member communication, event invitations, and more.

Achieve success with Text In Church by following these steps. Consistency is key, so commit to using the platform effectively for long-term impact. Need help perfecting your welcome speech? Check out our recommended video with tips for a warm welcome in your launch plan.

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out, we're always happy to help πŸ˜„support@textinchurch.com

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