Using Text In Church for Event Follow-up

Maximize outreach with Text In Church: Automate follow-up, engage event attendees, and nurture community connections efficiently.

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Effective follow-up is crucial in transforming event attendees into engaged community members. Unfortunately, many churches miss out on this vital step after hosting outreach events. Leveraging Text In Church for event follow-up not only saves time but also fosters meaningful connections with both new guests and regular attendees. This guide outlines how to use Text In Church for post-event follow-up efficiently.

Step 1: Build a Post-Event Workflow

  1. Create a Custom Workflow: Utilize Text In Church to set up a follow-up workflow tailored to your event. This automated series of messages should thank attendees for their participation and invite them to your next church service or event.

  2. Design Inviting Messages: Craft messages that reflect the warmth and welcoming nature of your church. Include details about upcoming events or services that might interest attendees, acting as a bridge to further involvement with your community.

  3. Schedule Your Messages: Determine the best timing for your follow-up messages. A prompt follow-up within a day or two after the event keeps the experience fresh in attendees' minds.

Step 2: Collect Contact Information

To ensure your follow-up efforts are effective, gathering contact information from attendees is essential.

  1. Registration or Check-In: Encourage pre-event registration or set up a check-in process to collect attendees' contact details. This can be facilitated through Text In Church’s digital connect cards.

  2. Promote Registration: Clearly communicate the benefits of registering or checking in, such as access to additional resources or future event notifications.

Step 3: Engage with Attendees Post-Event

  1. Send a Thank-You Message: Shortly after the event, send a personalized thank-you message to attendees. Express your gratitude for their presence and share your excitement about seeing them again.

  2. Invite to Future Events: Utilize the information gathered to invite attendees to upcoming events that align with their interests. For example, families who attended an Easter egg hunt could be invited to Vacation Bible School.

  3. Conduct a Survey: Send a survey to gather feedback on the event. Use Text In Church’s survey builder to create and distribute your survey. This not only helps improve future events but also shows attendees that their opinions are valued.

Following up with attendees after church outreach events is critical in building lasting connections and encouraging further engagement with your church. By leveraging Text In Church, you can automate this process, ensuring that every attendee feels known, noticed, and loved. Remember, the key to a successful outreach event isn't just the event itself but how you engage with attendees afterward.

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