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Ways to use Text In Church to collect event attendance data

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If you're wanting to track attendance or have someone "check in" for a particular event, you can do that by creating a Group and a custom Connect Card to link to this Group.

Then you’ll want to add a Keyword and enable the Keyword Automated Reply so you can send them that custom Connect Card’s link!

This way anytime someone texts your Keyword they will be added to the Group and thus you know they attended. You can also then follow up with everyone at the event by sending a message to everyone in the Group.

If you're wanting to track service attendance on Sundays in an ongoing manner, you need to set up a new Group for each week. You would then set a Keyword for people to text in like “RollCall” or “Here” so you can keep track.

Another option for Sunday mornings is to go into the Group each week and do an export of data, so you can see who was there and have that for your records. Then, remove all of the members of the Group so that the next week you will have a fresh list of people who text in. We do have the ability to clone a Group also. You can then move the keyword to the new group each week as needed.

So, while we don’t have an attendance tracking feature, there are ways to accomplish the same goal.

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