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Collect Event Registrations Using Your Talk In Church Digital Receptionist
Collect Event Registrations Using Your Talk In Church Digital Receptionist

Streamline event registrations with Talk In Church's digital receptionist: save time, enhance efficiency, and keep your community informed.

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Handling event registration calls can be a time-consuming task for church staff, often involving manual entry, searching for registration links, and following up with emails. The Talk In Church digital receptionist can streamline this process, allowing callers to receive event registration information and links directly through their phones. This guide explains how to set up and utilize your digital receptionist for efficient event registration management.

Setting Up Your Digital Receptionist for Event Registrations

  1. Prepare Your Digital Receptionist: Designate one of your digital receptionist slots specifically for event registrations. This will be used to provide callers with immediate access to registration information for your church’s major events like Easter, Vacation Bible School, Back-to-School Sunday, or Christmas.

  2. Scripting Your Digital Receptionist: Create a script that guides callers through the event information and registration process. For example, before Vacation Bible School, your script might say: "Hey, thanks for calling [Church Name]. Press 1 to learn about our Vacation Bible School in July, press 2 for service times and locations."

  3. Provide Detailed Options: Once a caller presses the designated number for the event, offer them detailed options like registration for attendees, volunteer sign-ups, or accessing a donation wish list. Each option should correspond to a number they can press to receive more information via text.

    Example: "Press 1 for the child registration form, press 2 for volunteer sign up, press 3 for our donation wish list."

  4. Automate Text Responses: Set up your system so that pressing these options automatically sends the caller a text message with the relevant link or information. This ensures that callers receive the information they need without additional steps from your staff.

  5. Utilize the Duplicate Function: To prepare for future events, use the duplicate function to replicate your digital receptionist setup. Update the script and text responses according to the details of the next event. This allows for a seamless transition between events and continuous promotion to your congregation.

  6. Promote Usage: Inform your congregation to call your church number and press the designated option to get the latest event information. This promotes self-service and reduces the workload on your staff.


  • Saves Time: Automates the registration information distribution, freeing up staff for other ministry work.

  • Increases Efficiency: Provides callers with immediate access to event information and registration links.

  • Enhances Experience: Offers a convenient and straightforward way for your community to stay informed and engaged.

Your Talk In Church digital receptionist can be a powerful tool for managing event registrations effectively. By setting up a dedicated digital receptionist for events and utilizing automated text responses, you can save significant time, streamline the registration process, and keep your community informed about upcoming church activities. Remember, it’s like having an additional staff member working for you 24/7, dedicated to connecting your congregation with meaningful ministry opportunities.

Learn more about setting up your Talk In Church account in the guide below:

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