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Unlock the Power of QR Codes for Your Church
Unlock the Power of QR Codes for Your Church

How to build, customize, and manage QR Codes for Connect Cards and custom links

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QR codes are an incredibly handy tool that your church can use to connect people with a wide array of valuable resources. And guess what? With Text In Church, you have the superpower to create personalized QR codes in a snap, and we're here to show you how they can work wonders for your church community.

1. Connect Cards: Get to Know Your Guests

Imagine this: First-time guests and potential future visitors to your church can effortlessly share their information through Connect Cards. It's all about making connections and fostering a sense of belonging!

2. Live Streams and Sermon Recordings: Easy Access for All

Let's make it simple for everyone to tune in to your live streams and catch up on past sermon series. QR codes are like magic keys to your digital content!

3. Giving Links: Simplify Generosity

Tithing and fundraising just got easier. Share QR codes to simplify your congregation's giving efforts, making it a breeze for them to support your church's mission.

4. Service and Volunteer Opportunities: Get Involved!

Encourage your members to step up and be a part of something great. QR codes can link to sign-up forms for service and volunteer opportunities, making engagement a piece of cake.

5. Event Information and RSVP: Hassle-Free Management

Planning an event? Let QR codes help streamline event management and check-ins, making the experience smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

6. Virtual Contact Cards: Stay Connected

In today's digital world, staying in touch is essential. QR codes can lead to virtual contact cards, making text and email communication a breeze.

The possibilities truly are endless when you wield the power of QR codes!

Create a New QR Code

Here's a simple guide to kickstart your QR code adventure:

Step 1: Sign In

Log in to the website version of Text In Church.

Step 2: Access QR Code Tools

Click on "Tools," then select "QR Code."

Step 3: Create a New QR Code

In the top right corner, click "Add New."

Step 4: Title Your QR Code

Give your QR code a friendly name that's easy to remember.

Step 5: Customize the Look

Click the pencil icon to edit the text, and don't forget to click the checkmark icon to save your changes. You can also give your QR code a personalized look by customizing its frame text, icon, and color.

Step 6: Add a Logo or Image (Optional)

Want to jazz it up? You can even upload an optional logo or image to give your QR code a unique touch. We recommend using .png or .jpg format.

Step 7: Link Your QR Code

Now, the magic happens! Link your QR code to the resource you want it to open after scanning. You have various options:

- "URL": For website links.

- "Connect Card": Perfect for capturing visitor information.

- "Contact Card": Save your church's info to the contacts of the scanner.

- "Email": Create a pre-filled email.

- "Text": Generate a text message with a predefined message.

Step 8: Save, Share, Scan, and Track

Click "Save" to keep your changes safe and sound. Need to use your QR code in different ways? Hit "Download QR Image" to save it to your device. You can use it on slides, graphics, stickers, signs, printed materials – you name it! Plus, you can track the number of scans through the QR Code Dashboard.

Editing QR Codes Made Easy

Imagine you've linked a QR code to a digital bulletin in your church. Instead of designing new QR codes and stickers every week, simply follow these steps:

- Sign in to the Text In Church website version.

- Click on "Tools."

- Select "QR Code."

- Locate the QR code you want to update.

- Click the three-dot icon next to it.

- Choose "Edit" to make any changes.

- Don't forget to click "Save" to keep your edits!

Deleting QR Codes

Sometimes, you need to say goodbye to a QR code. When you delete one, it won't work anymore. Here's how:

- Sign in to the Text In Church website version.

- Click on "Tools."

- Select "QR Code."

- Find the QR code you want to remove.

- Click the three-dot icon next to it.

- Choose "Delete."

Ta-da! The QR code is now deactivated, ensuring it won't scan or redirect to any resource. Managing, editing, or deleting QR codes can save you time and effort while keeping your digital content fresh and up-to-date.

So, there you have it – the friendly guide to unleashing the power of QR codes with Text In Church. We hope this helps you connect, engage, and make your church experience even more enjoyable for everyone involved! 🙌

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