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Will my old Text In Church QR Codes still work?
Will my old Text In Church QR Codes still work?

Legacy QR Codes vs. New QR Codes. What happened to old QR codes? Where are my old QR Codes?

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On April 5, 2023, Text In Church released a brand new feature, the QR Code Builder! πŸŽ‰

Here's a bit more information to help you understand the difference between the old QR Codes used with Connect Cards and the new QR Code Builder.

Previously with Text In Church, the only QR Codes available were connected to individual Connect Cards. You could view a Connect Card in your account and click to download a QR Code that was linked directly to this specific Connect Card.

This feature is still available inside of your Connect Cards, and previously downloaded QR Codes will still work and connect to your desired cards!

With the new QR Code Builder, there are some exciting features!

You can now customize the frame, text, color, and logo displayed on the QR Code 🀩 🎨

Ability to set link the QR Code to any website link, Text In Church Connect Card, or Virtual Contact Card πŸ”— 🀝

QR Codes can also automatically compose a draft Email or Text to send to your Text In Church Phone number. πŸ€– πŸ“©

  • This allows people to quickly text in Keywords to your Text In Church number instead of needing to manually type in the phone number and keyword.

With the new QR Code Builder, you can make changes and edit the redirect destination as needed! ✍️ πŸ”€

Here's a scenario where this would be helpful:

  • Let's say you've created a digital bulletin for your services and linked this to a QR Code that's printed on stickers on the backs of seats throughout your sanctuary. Instead of needing to create a new QR Code and sticker each week, you can simply sign into Text In Church and edit the existing QR Code to redirect to the new bulletin!

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