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How can I Convince my Leadership
How can I Convince my Leadership

Looking to convince leadership to adopt Text In Church? This article is for you!

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Our video below can be a great resource for pitching Text In Church to your leadership team.

We understand how hard it can be to find the time and budget to make changes to how your church communications work.

It can be challenging to navigate conversations with leadership, especially when it comes to decisions about technology and communication strategies.

Here are some ways to share Text In Church with your leadership!

​Highlight the Benefits:

Focus on how Text In Church can support your church's goals. Share specific examples of how it can increase engagement, streamline communication, and foster connections.

Providing data, testimonials, or case studies that demonstrate its effectiveness in other churches.

Our Facebook group can be a great place to help gather this, you can click here to join the group!

Questions your leadership may ask about Text In Church

  • Who needs to run this? How much time and training is required? Do we need to hire someone for this?

    Implementing an effective guest follow-up system in a church typically doesn't require hiring new staff but does involve some time commitment and training.

    Utilizing Text In Church can significantly streamline the process, allowing existing staff or volunteers to manage follow-ups efficiently with automated communications and integrated management platforms. Click here to learn more about managing your time with Text In Church.

  • Why can’t we send group messages with our personal phones?

    Sending group messages from personal phones for church guest follow-up can lack personalization and effectiveness, and it may compromise privacy.

    Using a specialized platform like Text In Church ensures messages are tailored and trackable, enhancing engagement and maintaining professional boundaries.

  • Isn’t that just spamming people and making them upset with us? We don’t want to ‘market’, that seems icky!

    Effective communication methods offered by Text In Church are designed to engage rather than overwhelm, using strategic, personalized messages that respect recipients' preferences and privacy.

    While paper cards can gather information, digital tools provide a faster, more reliable way to collect data, automate follow-ups, and build relationships without feeling impersonal or intrusive.

  • Why do we need an easy way to gather information…they can fill out a paper card.

    ​Digital forms are more efficient, accessible, and cost-effective than paper.

    They enhance data management, reduce environmental impact, and offer interactive features, making them a superior choice for modern information gathering.

  • Isn’t it impersonal for us to send messages this way?

    Using automated messaging systems might seem impersonal, but when properly utilized, these platforms enable consistent and tailored communications that can feel very personal to recipients.

    They ensure timely follow-ups and allow church staff to focus on crafting meaningful messages and personal interactions, enhancing the overall guest experience.

  • We don’t have many guests, or the ones who visit aren’t filling out cards.

    If your church has few guests or struggles with getting them to fill out paper connect cards.

    Digital tools like our Connect Cards can offer more engaging and less intrusive ways for guests to connect, such as text-to-join or quick online forms, increasing the likelihood of capturing their information and fostering communication.

  • People aren’t communicating and using the number.

    If congregation members aren't actively communicating and using the number, this may be due to not asking questions or sending messages that encourage responses.

    Our team and Facebook group can help you share great ideas and strategies on how to connect with your community.

    This approach can highlight the benefits and enhance overall adoption and usage.

Cost-Benefit Analysis:

If budget is a concern, outline the cost-effectiveness of Text In Church. Comparing it to traditional communication methods or other solutions shows how we provide value for your investment.

By integrating Text In Church into your financial management practices, you can not only improve the efficiency of your communication and donation processes but also better align your budgeting strategies with your church's mission and community engagement goals.

  • No Budget - Many leaders really struggle with this area, and oftentimes, it's out of their control.

    Understanding the budget constraints many church leaders face, Text In Church is designed as an affordable, all-encompassing tool that extends its benefits across multiple ministries for a single monthly fee.

    This approach not only supports your congregation's diverse needs but also maximizes the value of every dollar spent, ensuring your church can continue to thrive even during financial challenges.

  • We already have a landline that we pay for; why something else? We have a church app; how is this different/better?

    While your church may already have a landline or app, Text In Church offers unique advantages like automated messaging and integrated communication tools that enhance engagement and simplify administrative tasks.

    These features provide a more direct and personalized way to connect with your congregation, offering significant benefits over traditional communication methods.

  • What is our commitment if our budget changes and we can’t afford it next year?

    If you're concerned about committing to Text In Church amid potential budget changes, rest assured that our service includes a cancel-anytime policy and a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing flexibility and security for your church's financial planning.

Pilot Program:

Suggest a trial run to demonstrate the platform's effectiveness. A 14-day free trial or a limited implementation could show immediate benefits, which can convince leadership of Text In Church's long-term value.

  • The Pastor's financial decisions often need the green light from a board that meets regularly, usually once a month. Churches usually embrace tradition and may need time to see the benefits of new approaches.

    When church spending decisions involve board approval, the timing of meetings can be infrequent. Presenting Text In Church as a versatile tool that aligns with long-standing practices while offering new efficiencies is crucial.

    This approach helps gradually introduce change, demonstrating the platform's value in enhancing ministry outreach and administrative ease, facilitating a smoother transition in traditionally slow-to-change environments.

  • My church is too small.

    Text In Church is highly beneficial for churches of any size, enabling small congregations to easily send inspirational messages, manage donations, and boost attendance.

    Even with just 10 attendees, your church can engage in 21 Days of Hope, offer encouragement, utilize text-to-give, and boost weekly attendance.

    Text In Church is designed to support churches of all sizes, not just those with many visitors!

Propose a Collaborative Approach:

Suggest working together with leadership to outline a strategy integrating Text In Church into your church's broader communication efforts. This can foster a sense of collaboration and shared vision.

  • No one has learned to use it, so it’s not been used enough for the cost.

    If Text In Church hasn't been fully utilized due to a learning curve, consider arranging targeted training sessions to help everyone understand its benefits and functionalities, ensuring the cost is justified by maximizing its potential for church communication and administration.

    We want you to get started strong and confident as you get started with Text in Church with New Member Onboarding Workshops!

    Join in for two 90-minute sessions to get all 5 foundational strategies and implementation sessions to launch like a pro!

  • Pastoral Transition

    During a pastoral transition, it's common for new leaders to reevaluate existing tools like Text In Church; providing an orientation on its benefits can help ensure its continued use.

    For more insights on managing church leadership changes smoothly, consider reading our detailed article on pastoral transitions.

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