The People section of your Text In Church account is your one-stop shop for all the information you need on your contacts.  It houses a contact list, your contacts’ information, what groups they are in, etc.

Check out our video highlighting the awesome features in the People section! 

There are 4 ways to add contacts into the People section. The video below shows the first way, how to add them manually.

Adding them manually is a good option when people fill out the paper connect card. However, you can also have them join by texting in a Keyword! Check it out!

The 3rd way someone can be added into the People section is by filling out the SMART Connect Card on your website, a tablet, etc.  (Don’t worry, we will talk through SMART Connect Cards in great detail in a few videos)

Finally, if you already have a list of contacts in a database or management software, you can simply import them into your Text In Church People section!

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