Long story short: We do not offer short codes.  

We did tons of testing and research and found that folks in a church setting are less likely to respond or read a message from a short code than a regular, local, 10-digit phone number. 

The short codes are often associated with spam and thus ignored, not read. Short codes are pretty much reserved for marketing & sales messages.  So, we find it best to stay very personal. While the 5 digit number is convent, Short code text messaging is ideal for mass, impersonal, one-way communication.

There are other great benefits to having a 10-digit phone number:

  • You can have meaningful two-way communication.
  • Gathering Guest Information
  • Providing Targeted, Relevant Content
  • Alert Notifications
  • They can save that number in their contacts so that when they get a message from you it will show up as such, not as some random number
  • A full 10-digit number means that you can have easy to use and memorable keywords. Shortcodes have to share keywords with other people using the shortcode.

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