Mastering Church Outreach Through List Building

Building an effective email and text messaging list is one of the most important strategies for reaching ministry goals.

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Building an effective email and text messaging list is one of the most important strategies for reaching ministry goals. Contrary to popular belief, this strategy does not primarily involve enhancing worship experiences or adopting the latest technology but focuses on how churches can effectively build their contact lists. Tyler Smith, Co-founder and CEO of Text In Church, emphasizes the importance of this approach for busy church leaders and communicators aiming to keep their community connected and engaged.

Why List Building Matters

List building is crucial for intentional and effective communication within your church community. By having access to the right contact information, churches can ensure they are sending tailored invitations and messages to the right people. This strategy significantly increases attendance at services and events and encourages new guests to return.

How to Build Your Contact Lists

An excellent opportunity to build your contact lists is during outreach events. Here are some practical ways to collect contact information:

  • RSVPs and Check-ins: Gather contact details when people RSVP for an event or check in upon arrival.

  • Giveaways: Collect information from participants entering a giveaway or receiving a free gift.

  • Door Prizes: Require contact information as a condition for receiving a door prize.

Once you have a robust contact list, you can utilize this information to invite people to future events, fostering a continuous connection with your community.

Communicating with Your Contacts

After building your contact list, the next step is to effectively communicate with them. Here are a couple of examples of how you can reach out:

  1. Photo Sharing:

    • "Hey Sally, we just posted photos from our Fall Fest on the church's Facebook page. Check it out [insert link]. Feel free to tag yourself! - Pastor Tyler"

  2. Event Invitations:

    • "Hey, it's Tyler from City Church. We had a blast at the Fall Fest, and we've got a Christmas event coming up. Would you like more information about it?"

Pro Tips for Inviting Contacts to Events

  • Be Clear: When inviting contacts to an event, clearly state what the event is and what attendees can expect. This might require providing more information than what fits in a standard text message.

  • Use Video Pages or Notes: To convey detailed information about an event, consider using video pages or notes features. This allows you to send comprehensive details that ensure your community is well-informed about upcoming events.

List building through effective email and text messaging strategies is a game-changer for church outreach efforts. By focusing on gathering and utilizing contact information, churches can enhance their communication, ensuring their community feels known, noticed, and loved. For more information on how to execute successful outreach events and maintain effective communication before, during, and after these events, explore further resources and strategies provided by Text In Church.

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