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AI Messaging Tools Overview
AI Messaging Tools Overview

Maximize text communication efficiency in your church community! Discover AI Messaging Tools for shorter, clearer messages.

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What are AI Messaging Tools?

AI Messaging Tools offer convenient solutions for optimizing text communication within the church community.

Using AI Tools in the Inbox:

  1. Suggest Reply: Automatically generates replies based on received messages.

  2. Shorten Message: Condenses lengthy messages for improved deliverability.

  3. Enhance Message: Expands upon user-written content for clearer communication.

In the Text Message Builder:

  1. Message Length Warning: Alerts when messages exceed 160 characters and are prone to carrier filtering to help reduce and reword the message to better fit within the limit.

  2. Automatic Shortening Option: Allows Users to shorten messages within the character limit for better delivery rates.

Access AI Messaging Tools via the blue icon in the bottom right of the conversation window to streamline communication and save time!

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