For your convenience, you can choose to pay for your Text In Church subscription in one of two ways: Credit Card or ACH-Direct from your bank account.

To update or change your payment information, sign into the website version of Text In Church, then click on the Settings icon.

Then click on the Payment tab.

To Update Card Information: Click the “Update Card” button to provide your billing information, then click “Update Card Details.”

Note: If you have an outstanding balance, the system will automatically try the charge with the new payment information.

To Update Bank Account Information: Click the “Add Bank Account” button to provide your billing information, then click “Submit.”

Once the billing information is added, two micro-deposits will be made to your bank account within 5-10 business days to verify the account. Once these deposits have been made, sign back into Text In Church to enter these micro-deposit amounts as integers.

Example: $0.14 and $0.58 would be entered as “14” and “58” respectively.

Learn More About Settings, Subscriptions, and Billing

This article can walk you through making changes to your current subscription so that you always have enough messages to fit your needs.

Still have questions? No worries, we’re always happy to help! Send us a chat message or email our Member Support team at

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