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How to set up and connect the Mail Chimp integration

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With the two-way integration between Text In Church and MailChimp, two of your favorite tech tools work together seamlessly to keep your contacts, data, and messaging organized and up to date!

Here's a quick overview of the integration:

Connecting MailChimp

1 - Go to Settings and Click on Integrations.

2 - Click "Connect" next to MailChimp.

3 - You will be redirected to a MailChimp page. Provide Your MailChimp credentials and click on "Log In".

4 - Now back to Text In Church, Select the lists you want to sync.

Selecting Lists

  • All Audiences available in MailChimp will be displayed on the "Your MailChimp Lists" page in Text In Church.

  • Select Lists that you want to sync with Text In Church. You can select one, multiple or all the Lists to be synced at the same time.

  • Set Sync Destination:

    • From the dropdown menu, select the destination for the sync.

    • You can choose from the list of existing, non-syncing Text In Church groups to connect to

    • Alternatively, you can select "Create New Group" to generate a new syncing Text In Church group, which will be automatically connected.

  • After selection, click on the "Sync" button.

  • Provide permission to contact via email and SMS (text message).

  • All contacts will be brought across to a corresponding Text In Church Group


  • If you have a large number of people to sync, the first sync can take a few hours.

  • After syncing, the system will display the time and date of the last sync (check your Groups for updates).

  • You can sync your MailChimp account with Text In Church as often as you would like.

Syncing Frequencies

  • You are able to have all the Lists from MailChimp synced every night, once a week, or even once a month. This means, all the contacts that were updated or added in MailChimp will be added/updated automatically into Text In Church at whatever time works best for your ministry.

    Two-way Sync

  • Not only does your MailChimp list sync to Text In Church, but any person you add to your synced group inside of Text In Church (with a valid email account), will automatically sync back to the designated List in MailChimp.

  • After adding a contact to a MailChimp Group, you can go to the Integration page and manually sync, or enable a Sync Frequency.


  • After disconnecting, the contacts will remain in Text In Church in the Group you created (the sync symbol will be gone) and also in the People section.

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