See below graphic for the Playbook Play #7 with sample text messages you could send as part of this implementation step.

Prayer is an important part of communicating needs within your church community. Text in Church allows you to easily keep prayer team members up to date, as well as allows people to send in prayer requests easily.

One approach would be to tell your members that at any time they can text to request prayers.  Then you can compile those responses coming in to email out to your Prayer Team or you can provide a link to ask for additional details.  The link could come from a free survey form. We have a Prayer Requests template group that you can load. You could also ask them to text "Pray" and send a link for more details in the automated reply message. Below is an image of the text you could put for the Group settings:

Here is what the automated workflow steps look like for the Prayer Requests group:

You can also use Text in Church to have church members sign up to be on your Prayer Team, often called Prayer Warriors. 

If you have a long list of prayer requests, emailing is the best way to do that.  The first reason is that text messages need to be short.  Over 160 characters counts as multiple messages and can be considered SPAM by cell phone carriers.  But also having it in an email is easy for your Prayer Team to refer back to or even print to keep in their Bible or special place to remind them of everyone to pray for.  Save the text message prayer requests for the urgent ones about staff leadership. 

You can do a simple follow up of three messages after someone texts in a keyword to become a Prayer group volunteer.  We have this template that can be imported under the name "Prayer Group Members".  Below is an image of the steps after they are loaded:

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