How To Get People to Text Your Keyword
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In today's digital age, keeping your church community connected can be a challenge. That's why at Text In Church, we're dedicated to offering communication tips and strategies to help church leaders and communicators go from frazzled to focused. Our mission is to help you reach your people beyond Sunday mornings and make them feel known, noticed, and loved.

The Importance of Keywords

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to engage your congregation is through a text-to-keyword feature. This allows your members to easily connect with your church by sending a simple keyword to a designated phone number. But, how do you get your congregation to use this feature effectively?

The Cornerstone Method: A Four-Step Framework

To encourage your congregation to utilize the text-to-keyword service, we've developed a simple four-step framework known as the Cornerstone Method. This method will help you organize an effective welcome speech that prompts action.

Welcome: Begin by welcoming your congregation. Share your name, role in the church, and how long you've been a part of the community.

Connect: Share a short story that highlights your church's values, beliefs, or your personal guest experience. This helps to establish a connection with your audience.

Action: Clearly inform your guests of the action you want them to take. For example, if you want them to text a keyword, physically hold up your cell phone, encourage them to take out theirs, and then read the number and keyword aloud.

Explain Why: Explain why they should follow your instructions and what will happen after they do so. Whether they'll receive a confirmation message or further details via email, make sure they understand the benefits of taking this action.

Additional Tips for Success

Reiteration: A welcome speech is typically given at the beginning of your service. Consider reminding your congregation of the keyword and its importance at the end of the service as well.

Simplicity: Keep your keywords simple and easy to remember. Avoid using acronyms or combinations of letters and numbers that could lead to typos or autocorrect errors.

Alternative Methods: Besides keywords, consider using QR codes as another way for people to connect. QR codes can direct users to digital connection cards or other important information about your church.

Effectively using text-to-keyword features can significantly enhance your church's ability to connect with its congregation. By following the Cornerstone Method and keeping your approach simple and clear, you'll see an increase in engagement and a stronger church community. For more tips and strategies, including how to use QR codes in your ministry, check out our resources and continue to empower your communication efforts.

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