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5 Creative Ways to Use Video Pages in Your Church Ministry
5 Creative Ways to Use Video Pages in Your Church Ministry
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In an age where digital communication is key, adding a personal touch to your messages can significantly enhance engagement. Text In Church’s Video Pages feature offers an innovative way to make your text messages personal, exciting, and more relational. Here are five impactful ways to use Video Pages in your church's ministry.

Why Use Video Pages?

With Text In Church, you can embed videos in text messages, leveraging the high open rate of texts to ensure your message is seen. Videos allow you to convey excitement, emotion, and a genuine connection, making them an effective tool in church communication.

Five Ways to Use Video Pages:

Guest Follow-Up Strategy: Replace or enhance text message invites with video invites. Videos add a personal touch and help familiarize guests with your church, staff, or volunteers.

Plan A Visit Strategy: When potential guests fill out a Plan A Visit connection card, follow up with a video introducing yourself and your church, and showing parts of your building. This personalizes the message and makes guests comfortable before they arrive.

Major Church Meeting or Event Follow-Up: Use videos to follow up on significant church meetings or events. Videos can accurately convey the tone and emotion of important announcements.

Event Invites: Create excitement for events like VBS by sending video messages showcasing decorations and enthusiastic volunteers. This approach can engage families and build anticipation for the event.

Daily Devotionals: Use video pages for daily devotionals, especially during significant seasons like Advent or Lent. Videos can help your members engage with the Bible and reflect on seasonal messages.


Increased Engagement: Videos can capture attention and maintain interest better than text alone.

Personalization: Videos offer a more personal and direct form of communication.

Versatility: Suitable for various communication needs, from event promotion to spiritual guidance.

Embracing Video Pages in your church’s communication strategy can revolutionize how you connect with your congregation. From enhancing guest follow-up to enlivening daily devotionals, the potential of Video Pages is vast. Explore this feature to ensure your church communication is engaging, effective, and deeply personal.

Learn More:

For detailed guidance on using Video Pages, Rachel O’Brien from Text In Church has created a tutorial video. This resource will walk you through the process, showing you how to effectively integrate videos into your church communication.

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