An effective guest follow-up plan can be simplified down to three basic steps: Gather, Connect, and Build. It is these three foundational steps that will ensure no guest falls through the cracks.

Let's talk through each step and where the different parts of your follow-up plan fit into them!

  1. Gather: This is the process of collecting (or gathering) guests' contact information. This can be done on your website, through a Plan A Visit feature, at your Welcome Center, during your Service through the use of a text to connect feature or a paper connect card, the opportunities are endless! Here's a great article going deeper into the Gather step!

  2. Connect: This is the step where the relationship building happens! This is the fun stuff. Texts, emails, hand-written notes, invites, and the list goes on! Don't miss this great article on all the different connection strategies you can use with Text In Church!

  3. Build: This third step is where you build out a system that can do this for you. For all of you, that's Text In Church! Through the use of automation and scheduling, your guest follow-up plan can be effective, efficient, and easy! Read this article for more Build tips!

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