People visit your website to learn about upcoming events and consider if they will visit your church. Knowing this, you want to have the best tools to maximize your site’s reach (# of people) and engagement (ability to interact with those people). That is where the Facebook Tracking Pixel comes in. This is a tool that allows you to see what actions people take when on your website and helps maximize your advertising efforts when using Facebook ads.

To find your Facebook Tracking Pixel ID, go to the Pixels tab in Events Manager. From there you will follow the prompts to Create a Pixel.  

The next step is to add the Facebook pixel to your website by placing the pixel code inside the header code for your website (if you aren't the one that adjusts the code to your website, you will want them to get involved at this point). We also have a place for you to insert the pixel on the Smart Connect Card set up in Step 3.

After the pixel is installed, they have a Pixel Helper you can install to view if your pixel is working correctly. You can also decide how you want to track events or actions on your website. Full instructions from Facebook can be found here.

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