The way the local 10-digit phone number works is that when you click on the phone number option in your account it will take you to that area where you can set up or see your number if you have already done so! 

With the 10-digit number, it can be saved in your member's Cellphones as your ministries name so that when you message people they will see it is coming from your ministry! 

The 10-digit number also allows for two-way communication and the use of keywords! 

To set up your phone number, click on settings then account overview. Then choose "Phone Number".

In the box provided you simply need to enter your area code and then select an available number from the list! You cannot specify what number you would want, but the list gets updated every hour, so you can keep checking if desired! 

If, when you enter your area code and no numbers are available you can wait a little bit to see if any new ones come available! 

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