Christmas Guest Follow-Up Guide

Maximize Christmas outreach! Learn to capture guest info, implement a thoughtful follow-up, and make a lasting impact

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Embrace the holiday season with confidence and make guests feel known, noticed, and loved.

1. Prepare for Influx of Guests:

  • What to do: Anticipate a surge in attendance during Christmas services.

  • Why: Christmas attracts first-time guests; be ready to create a memorable experience.

2. Capture Guest Information:

  • What to do: Develop a strategy to collect contact information during Christmas Eve services.

  • Why: Most first-time guests have new church habits; capturing info enables effective follow-up.

3. Follow-Up Strategy:

  • What to do: Implement a follow-up plan immediately after Christmas Eve services.

  • Components: Personalized texts, phone calls, handwritten notes, and thoughtful gifts.

  • Tip: Keep follow-up timely, consistent, and genuine.

4. Make a Lasting Impact:

This Christmas season, ensure a warm welcome for first-time guests. Capture their information and implement a thoughtful follow-up strategy. Use our pre-made Christmas follow-up plan to simplify the process. Make a lasting impact and invite them back with confidence.

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