If you go over... We believe you deserve a high-five!  

When you reach your account plan limit, a large green banner will appear at the top of your Text In Church account when logged in to notify you, and then you move to a pay-as-you-go system.  Each text message sent over your plan limit will just be 3 cents per message; you will be charged for that on your normal monthly invoice date. Overages that occurred will be shown in the green banner at the top for quick reference.

You have the option to upgrade to the next level plan, which you can do at any time in the Settings Tab.  We give you the option to add a 500 message bundle in Settings under Account Overview, or you can adjust your subscription on your own as needed.

Keep in mind, only outgoing messages are counted in Text In Church; incoming messages are free. 

We believe in the power of building relationships with two-way messaging, so keep those conversations going!

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