To edit a step in your Automated Workflow, sign in to your Text In Church account and click to open the “Groups” section.

Then, choose the name of the group, and select the “Automated Workflows” tab.

From there, click on the message title in blue that you want to edit.

Once you're in the message, you can change the content, message type, message body, or the scheduling of when it gets sent out. Simply click on the “Edit” button by the section where you would like to make changes.

Text message example:

Email message example:

Reminder Message example:

Click Save Step at the bottom when finished.

If your message shows a red dot next to it, it is inactive and will not send. To mark as active, click "Activate this Step" when editing the details of the message, or select the “resume step” icon to the far right of the title of the step.

You can also deactivate a message if desired and leave it in a draft state.

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