A Contact Custom Field is a great way to record information directly to a People Record in your Text In Church account. An example you could use this for is recording T-Shirt Sizes for events! You can create Contact Custom Fields using the following steps:

  1. You can either Go to the People section of your account

  2. Click on the name of the record you'd like to view

  3. Click the plus icon in the top right of the Custom Fields box.

Or you can…

  1. Go to your Account Settings

  2. Click on Custom Contact Fields

  3. Click Add Custom Contact Fields

You can then enter the name of the Custom Field, If this field is a Date, Number, or Text. The Default Value will populate this field in each Contact Record.

If you would like to remove the Contact Custom Fields from all Contact records you can go to Account Settings, Contact Custom Fields, and click the Red Trash Can!

You can also search for your Custom Fields by going to the People Section, and clicking the "Search in custom fields" box.

Still have questions? No worries, we’re always happy to help! Send us a chat message or email our Member Support team at support@textinchurch.com

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