A keyword is a specific word you assign to a group within Text in Church that serves as an entry point.  Think of it like a secret password… only you want everyone to know about it!  Whenever someone texts in one of your keywords to your Text In Church phone number, they are then added into the corresponding group.

A couple notes: you can only have one keyword per group and that keyword can only be used once in your system.  This allows for automatic entry to a group anytime it is texted into your TIC phone number.

Here are some things you want to know about keywords: 

  1. Your keyword must be one word with no spaces or punctuation, like "loop" or "welcome"
  2. Your keyword must be at least 3 letters long and less than 9 letters. 
  3. There are a few words that won't work because they are part of the system; "Start", "Yes", "Unstop", "StopAll", Stop", "Unsubscribe", "End", "Quit", "Help", "Info", and "Cancel"
  4. Keywords are NOT case sensitive; "Welcome" and "welcome" are the same keyword.
  5. You cannot have the same keyword for multiple groups.
  6. You can’t have other characters in with the keyword message like a signature or extra characters like ! or :) The system will think it is just a message and not place them in the group. 

You can see your keyword for any group by clicking on the specific group tab in the Groups section.

Inside the specific group tab you will see the keyword listed at the top.

You can also edit the keyword settings within the group settings.

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