You can edit a keyword and number associated with your keyword within your group at any time. Remember that you can only use a keyword once for each of the 10-digit phone numbers in your account; that is the system’s way of knowing which specific group to add the person to when they text in.

To get started, sign in to your account and click the “Groups” tab. Then, click the name of the group that contains your keyword.

Your group details page will show you your current keyword. In the top right corner, click the gray pencil icon to edit.

On this page, you can make changes to the keyword and the phone number associated with this keyword. Learn more about using multiple phone numbers here!

When finished, be sure to select the blue “Update Group” button at the bottom of the page.

Things to remember about keywords:

  • Your keyword must be one word with no spaces or punctuation, like "loop" or "welcome"

  • There are a few words that won't work because they are part of the system; "Start", "Yes", "Unstop", "StopAll", Stop", "Unsubscribe", "End", "Quit", "Help", "Info", and "Cancel"

  • You can use the same keyword for multiple groups, but each group must be assigned to a different phone number.

  • Keywords are NOT case sensitive; "Welcome" and "welcome" are the same keyword.

  • You can’t have other characters in with the keyword message like a signature or extra characters like ! or :) or space. The system will think it is just a message and will place the message in your inbox, not the group.

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