It has never been easier to import your contacts. Simply click on the People section and then select the CSV import button! From there:

  1. Click on “Browse” in the Choose File field.
  2. Select the group you want these contacts to go in.
  3. Check the box saying you have permission to contact these people.
  4. Click “Process File”
  5. Match up your column headers with our fields in Text In Church. (You can only use a field once.)
  6. Click “Upload File”

Your contacts will begin to upload to that group! If there are any errors with any contacts, the confirmation page will tell you what line has an error.

One thing to note… TIC doesn’t allow duplicates.  So, if you are trying to import an email or mobile phone number that is already in use for another contact in the system, it will not create a second record for this person.  However, if you selected for this spreadsheet to be added to a group, it will find the person record that matches the email/mobile number and add them to the group.

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