Once you've completed the Initial Set-Up for your CCB Integration, you're ready to start using the Synced Groups in your Text In Church account!

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  1. Using the CCB Integration for General Groups

  2. Using the CCB Integration for First Time Guest Follow-Up

General Syncing Groups

The CCB Groups that you've selected should now be auto-generated as new, Syncing Groups in your Text In Church "Groups" Section. These groups will be designated with a πŸ” icon and the description designating where the group originated from.

Just like a non-syncing Group in Text In Church, you can set up Keywords, Connect Cards, and Automated Workflow for your Syncing Groups. Check out the guides below on how to set up and use each feature if needed:

After the first sync has been completed on your account, these Syncing Groups should now be populated with members. Additionally, if you were to add any people to this Syncing Group in Text In Church, they will be synced back to CCB when the next sync is completed. ...More about what information can be synced and how duplicates are handled in the article here!

You may see that some contacts were not synced into the Group as you were expecting. In this case, you'll want to open this Group in Text In Church, then review the "Sync Failures" tab for specific information about why these contacts could not be synced. ...More about troubleshooting sync failures in the article here!

First Time Guest Follow-Up with CCB Integration

As we've talked about, the way the integration with Church Community Builder works is that CCB is the master holder of contact details. Upon sync, any selected groups from CCB will then push to into the new Syncing Group in Text In Church. Let's talk about how the integration works specifically for first time guest follow-up. πŸ’‘

  1. Create your API User in CCB and complete the initial set-up for the CCB Integration, and select your guest follow-up group to sync from CCB into Text In Church πŸ‘‰ Tutorial is linked here!

    1. If you don't have an existing group in CCB, go ahead and create one now.

  2. Once you've selected this guest follow-up group to sync into Text In Church, it will be automatically generated as Synced Group in your Text In Church "Groups" section.

  3. Next, you can enable the Keyword, Automated Reply, and Connect Card for this Syncing Group so that people can text in to receive the Connect Card and be automatically added to this group.

  4. Finally, you'll want to set up your Automated Workflow. There are 3 ways you can do this:

    1. Import one of our proven templates and personalize the messaging for your Church

    2. Copy one of your existing workflows into this new Syncing Group

    3. Create your own workflow from scratch

After that is set up, anytime someone texts in the Keyword you've assigned to that Group and/or fills out the Connect Card, they will be created as a person record in Text In Church. When the next sync completes, they will be synced into CCB. If they are new to CCB, a record will be created for them. If they match an existing record in CCB no duplicates will be created 🀩

You can also manually add any CCB records to this group in CCB and they will be synced into this Syncing Group in Text In Church; the Automated Workflow messages will then begin sending to them when they are synced into the Text In Chruch Group.

Learn more:

Still have questions about the CCB Integration? No worries! Feel free to reach out to our Member Support team at support@textinchurch.com We're always happy to help!

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