The truth is, some churches don’t grab on to the concept of the Digital Connection Card. And... that's ok. Although it saves your church time, a paper connection card is equally important!

We believe that gathering contact information is the most important part of effective communication, and there are so many ways to do that. While one person might be more tech-savvy and prefer to text in using a Keyword, another person might prefer writing down their information. Without having a paper connect card, we are missing out on the opportunity to connect with that person.

The magic happens when you follow up with your people. No matter how you enter your people in, the real connection happens when you are able to engage in conversation.

If you haven't checked out our welcome talks, do that here. It will encourage guests to share their information with you so you can start connecting with them!

The card below is just a sample of something your church could use. It hits the necessary points needed to begin the follow-up process, in addition to any other information they would like to share.

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