The Text In Church team has worked super hard for this latest release! It is packed full of new functionalities that we know you are going to love.

NEW User Permissions - One of the most requested enhancements is now a reality! You now have the ability to set user permissions inside of Text In Church. All of your current users will be set to Admin level but now can be adjusted. To set the user permissions, go to Settings--Account Overview.

Inside of each group, you have the ability to control which users see the group.

Admin - Access to all groups and all people. Ability to change account details and billing information. Ability to promote users to Admin as needed.

User - Access to only specific groups and the people inside of them. No access to billing or master account details. They do not have the ability to create a new group.

Additional Phone Numbers - To pair beautifully with our new user permissions, we have now added the ability to have multiple phone numbers for your account. This is great for multiple campuses or for specific ministry needs.This can allow specific users to only have access to one number, thus allowing their inbox to just show the messages they need to pay attention to. To add an additional phone number, simply go to the Settings Overview page and click the prompt in blue.

Connection Cards Translated - Text In Church has built in the ability for our connection card to be automatically translated when delivered to a mobile device! Now, when the connection card is delivered, we can tell what default language the phone is using and translate the connection card into that language. Just one more way to make it easy for you to reach all members of your congregation, now in the language they prefer!

Zapier Integration - I’m sure you’ve read about our Zapier Integration, but perhaps you’re still unsure of how you can fully leverage this feature. You now have the option to browse through and use a variety of pre-made templates for connecting Text In Church with another program via Zapier. Under the Settings menu, navigate to Integrations and then pick Zapier to take a look!

Text Message Segment Limit - Our first priority is making sure your messages are delivered at the highest possible rate. So, text messages will now be limited to 3 message segments. Cell phone carriers often filter long messages, and we want your important messages reaching your community every time!

We're constantly working to improve Text In Church to serve you better!

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