Your Groups section is where you are able to manage, organize, and communicate with your groups. You can make changes to the group, such as the keyword or connect card in that group, and access your Automated Workflows.

Before you Begin: Only Account Users with Admin Level permissions may create new groups. To learn more about permissions, click here!

  • Click “Create Group” or "New Group"

  • Name the group and add a description. Note: this name and description will only be displayed inside the account, not to your group members.

  • Under “Users” select the Account Users you would like to be able to have access to this group. Note: All groups will always be accessible to Account Users with Admin level permissions

  • At the bottom of the page, click the blue “Create Group” button to save

Learn More About Using Groups

Want to learn more about sending automated messages when a person joins your group? Check out this collection on Automated Workflows.

Learn about granting access to only specific groups with user permissions by checking out this article.

Here’s how to set up a staff alert email or text to go out when a connection card is completed for your group.

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