There are two permission levels within your Text In Church Account: Admin and user. Here are the steps you can take to edit which phone numbers and Groups an existing Account User can access.

  • Sign in to Text In Church and click the ‘Settings’ icon in the bottom left corner of the page. Then choose the “Users” tab from the pop-out menu.

  • Within the “Users” section, select the three-dot icon by the Account User you want to make changes to, then click “Edit”

  • Check the “User is Admin” box to grant this user “Admin” level permissions, which would give them access to all groups. Un-check the “User is Admin” box to revoke “Admin” level permissions from this user.

  • Check the “Can see contact payment amount” to give this user permission to see giving history and amounts

  • Click the “Search Groups” box to open the drop-down of Groups and click the Group names to grant this user access to specific Groups. Click the “X” by any Group name to revoke this user’s access to this Group.

  • Click the “Select Phones” box to open the drop-down of phone numbers and click the numbers to grant this user access to specific numbers. Click the “X” by any number to revoke this user’s access to this number.

  • Optionally, create a signature for this User to sign their messages with. Learn more here.

  • At the bottom of the page, click the blue “Save” button

Learn More About Account Users and Permission Levels

Wanting to learn more about permission levels, or needing to add a new Account User or Admin? Click here for a step-by-step tutorial!

Want to set up and use User Signatures for your Text and Email messages? Check out the article here!

Still have questions? No worries, we’re always happy to help! Send us a chat message or email our Member Support team at

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