There's a lot of talk about ten digit numbers versus "shortcode" 5 digit numbers. At Text In Church, we've looked extensively into the two options and found the best solution for our members. It's important for your church members and guests to trust the number they are texting. It’s equally important for them to get every message you send them. Because of this, Text In Church utilizes a two number approach for the best solution.

Ten Digit Local Numbers

  • Each Text In Church account is connected with a ten digit number in your area code. You choose this number from a list of available numbers on your first log in. Hosting your landline church number is also an option (contact support to ask how you can set that up).
  • This number is in your local area code so your congregation won't need to memorize the first three numbers.
  • Members and guests will also trust this number more because it is familiar and local. Ask them to even save it in their phone as your church name.
  • This number is unique to your account, so the Text In Church system knows exactly which account the message is going to.
  • Texting keywords to a ten digit, unique to you number allows you to have full freedom of creating keywords. Easy to type and spell words like Hello, Welcome, Pray, Serve can all be used.
  • ALWAYS ask people to text into your ten digit local number.
  • All plain text messages being sent from your account will go from your ten digit number.
  • We do NOT use your ten digit number to send links or attachments because carrier filtering rules don't deliver these items at high rates from ten digit numbers.

Shared Shortcode Five Digit Number

  • All Text In Church accounts share our shortcode: 62488.
  • This number is only used for outgoing messages that contain links or attachments to ensure the best delivery rates as carrier filtering often blocks these items from a ten digit number.
  • Never ask or advertise your members or guests to text into this number. This includes keyword texting.
  • Texting a five digit number is awkward. Think about texting a friend; you always use ten digit numbers. The church should be the same.
  • Since this number is shared with all Text In Church accounts, incoming messages cannot always be delivered to the correct inbox. We do our best to deliver if someone replies to 62488, but if they aren't in an account (example: first time guest) or are in more than one account (example: TIC account users), then we cannot deliver them.
  • All shortcode messages include a signature with your account name and ten digit account number.

Learn More About Best Practices and Carrier Filtering

The most important thing to note is that you do not want to ask for incoming texts to go to the shared shortcode for Text In Church (62488). Always ask for them to go to your local ten digit number. Your members and guests are more likely to text into a number that seems familiar and the incoming messages will go directly to your account inbox.

To learn more about Carrier Filtering and how Text In Church has responded to rapid and constant changes.

Still have questions? No worries, we’re always happy to help! Send us a chat message or email our Member Success team at

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