There are times when sending an image along with your text message may be helpful, but we'd recommend doing it only if the image really adds to the message at hand.

You can add an image to your SMS (text) message. In the What Would You Like Your Message To Say Step, click on "Add Media" or drag and drop to that area of the screen from a source folder. Please note that you can only attach an image, not a file or other attachment.

Important Notes:

  • Smaller images work best as it is less data to be transferred via message.  We suggest messages 500 kb or less.

  • .JPG or .JPEG is the recommended file type to attach to a Text Message, though you can still attach .PNG and .PDF file types to Text Messages, some recipients devices may not accept these, so it's best to use .JPG or .JPEG files.

Also note, attaching a photo to your text message can make the delivery rate lower. Cell phone providers reserve the right to not deliver text messages whenever they choose to and don't have to report that they failed to deliver. Read Text In Church's Solution to Cell Phone Carrier Filtering. For maximum delivery rate, don't include photos.  An option would be to do a follow-up email with a photo if needed. 

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