Our highly anticipated new user interface (UI) for Text In Church has arrived! (cue happy dance!)

We’ve been working hard on this for months, and are confident you are going to love the updates. We are doing a controlled release, which will allow you to switch between the new and current UI to familiarize yourself and do so at your own pace.  However, once you see the new one, you are going to love it and never look back :) . This controlled release will continue until January 2020 when everyone will then move over. Everything in this update is setting the stage for some future features that will continue to improve your experience as a member.

Here are the highlights from our November 13th,  2019 update.  You can start using the new UI by clicking the button in the top banner in your TIC account.

Message Inbox - Preview, Opens up Profile Tab for edits, Keeps Scrolling - Our new, enhanced inbox allows you to see a preview of the message...

Quickly edit a person’s profile with a slide out tab, and holds your place while you are scrolling. This is going to significantly help when sorting and handling your inbox messages!

Message Builder - We’ve taken the message builder and stepped it up a notch!. All the same awesome features are there, but in a more user friendly format. Now you are prompted for a message title and have a dropdown list for selecting who your message goes to. The message preview remains to help you envision exactly what your message will look like when received.

Smart Connect Card Preview- All the same features remain in the Smart Connect Card builder, but now you can preview each step  to make sure it’s just right for your website visitors! 

Pause/Resume Workflow Steps- Have a workflow step you don’t ALWAYS want to use? Now you can pause/resume a step from the Automated Workflow tab with one click in the overview of the steps.

Manage People Simplified- We’ve integrated all the Manage people features into one place! At the top, you have icons to click that expand, filter, and manage or edit a profile. All done in the helpful slide out tab style to keep you in one place when editing profiles.

We're constantly working to improve Text In Church and would love your feedback on this new version!

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