Here are the step by step instructions for setting up your CCB + TIC integration: 

  1. Log into your CCB account. 

  2. Click on 'Settings' (Gear Icon). Click on 'API'.

  3. You will see the API summary screen. Under 'Actions' click 'Add a new API User.'

4. Enter all of your information in the API User Information Form
5. After completing the User tab, click on the 'Services' tab.

6. Check these items on the settings page for the integration to work:


7. Click 'Save' (located at the bottom, right-hand corner of the form).
8. Copy the Church Community Builder API URL
9. Log into your TIC account and go to 'Integrations' > CCB
10. Enter your CCB username, CCB password, and paste the CCB API URL. Then, click the 'Save' button. The integration is now connected!

Connecting CCB with TIC

1 - Go to Settings and Click on Integrations.

2 - Click "Connect" next to Church Community Builder.

3 - Provide Your API URL, and enter your username and password and click on "Save."

4 - Now, select the groups you want to sync.

Selecting Groups

  • All Groups available in CCB will be displayed on the "Your Church Community Builder Groups" page in TIC.

  • Select Groups that you want to sync with Text In Church. You can select one, multiple or all the Groups to be synced at the same time.

  • After selection, click on the "Sync Now" button.

  • Provide permission to contact via email and SMS (text message).

  • All contacts will be brought across to a Text In Church group of the same name.


  • If you have a large number of people to sync, the first sync can take a few hours.

  • After syncing, the system will display the time and date of the last sync (check your Groups for updates).

  • You can sync your CCB account with Text In Church as often as you would like. 

For contacts to be synced to Text in Church, they must have some basic information, such as name, email, and/or phone. Data such as address and home phone number can also be synced.

If more than one contact in the Group (in CCB) has the same email and phone data, they will be synced as one.

If contacts have the same email but different phone numbers, then the contacts will be synced as one, and vice versa.

If in Text in Church there is a contact with the same phone and email data as a CCB contact, the TIC contact will be added to the synced Group after the sync.

If the contacts in a Group in Church Community Builder are changed (removed or added), the changes will occur in Text in Church.

If a member (in CCB) is removed or added to the synced Group in Text in Church, the change will not be reflected in Church Community Builder.

Syncing Frequencies

  • You are able to have all your Groups from CCB synced to TIC every night, once a week, or once a month. All the contacts that were updated or added into Church Community Builder will be updated or added into TIC during that determined sync frequency.

  • You can adjust the frequency either inside of that Group or you can alter it inside of the integration settings.

Two-way Sync

  • Not only does your CCB group sync to Text In Church, but any new person you create inside of your Text In Church synced group (with a valid email account and phone number) will automatically be added to Church Community Builder.

  • After adding a contact to a CCB Group, you can go to the Integrations page and manually sync or enable Nightly Sync so all changes are synced every night.

  • CCB is considered the “Master Database,” so editing your contacts’ information needs to be done there.  During the nightly sync, this edited information will then get updated into TIC.  CCB will only save new contacts sent over from TIC.  Any information you edit in TIC that already exists in CCB (i.e. a contact’s phone number) will be changed back to what CCB has saved.


  • After disconnecting, the contacts will be kept in TIC;  the group will remain (with the sync indication removed), and they also can be found in the "People" section.

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