As we've talked about, the way the integration with Planning Center (PCO) works is that PCO is the master holder of contact details.  Upon sync, any selected lists from PCO will then push to a matching TIC group. All edits to people records should be done on the PCO side.

However, when brand new contact information is gathered, that is where the two-way sync comes into play!  Let's talk about how the integration works with first-time guests.

 1. You will first need to create a list in PCO and when selecting the lists to connect, choose that one.
2. Then a group will auto-generate by the same name in TIC.
3. Next, you can add a Keyword to that Group and Group settings to match your needs. Automated Workflows can be easily imported with a few clicks.

After that is set up, anytime someone texts in the Keyword and/or completes your connect card, they will be created as a person record in TIC and, upon sync, will be saved into the People section of Planning Center. 

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: New people records from Text In Church are synced into Planning Center in the Recently Created Profiles section of the dashboard. It is up to you to manually look for them on Monday after services and pull them over into the correct synced list. 

Be sure to move them into the desired list prior to the next sync so they will remain in the PCO list and TIC group that are synced. TIC will look at what is in the PCO group upon sync and if a person record is not in there, then that record will be removed from the matching TIC group. The Planning Center list is the Master data holder. 

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