Now that you've seen the "big picture" of the integration Text In Church has with Planning Center, let's dive in and really break down how it works:

Connecting Planning Center

  1. Within your Text In Church account, Go to Settings and Click on Integrations

  2. Click "View" next to Planning Center

  3. Put in your PCO login credentials

  4. Select the lists you want to sync

Selecting Lists

  • All lists available in Planning Center will be displayed on the "Your Planning Center Lists" page in TIC.

  • You can select one, multiple or all the Lists to be synced at the same time.

  • All contacts will be brought across into a Group in Text In Church with the same name as the List they belong to in Planning Center. Please note that if a synced person does not have a valid email or mobile phone, you won't be able to communicate via those methods in Text In Church.

Handling Children Records

When utilizing the Planning Center integration with Text In Church, it's important to note that we do not bring over any record that is marked as a "Child" on the Planning Center side. In most instances, it isn’t necessary to communicate with a child instead of the parent. Additionally, we don’t ever want texts accidentally being sent to children without parental consent, so we’ve found it to be best practice to simply not house them as contacts in our system.  

To communicate about Children's Ministry events, updates, etc., you will want to create a List specifically for the purpose of communicating with those child records. Name the list with the preface "Parents of" and then include the name of the children's ministry you are connecting to. This will also allow you to address the parent by name when messaging in reference to reminders or important information regarding the child programming.

When creating your list you can choose to only pull in adult contact information.

For more information on child and youth records, check out this article!


  • If you have a large number of people to sync, the first sync can take a few hours.

  • After syncing, the system will display the time and date of the last sync.

For contacts to be synced to Text in Church, they must have some basic information, such as name, email, and/or phone. Data such as address and home phone number can also be synced.

If more than one contact in the List (in Planning Center) has the same email and phone data, they will be synced as one contact.

If contacts have the same email but different phone numbers, then both contacts will be synced.

If contacts have the same phone number but different email, then both contacts will be synced.

If in Text in Church there is a contact with the same phone and email data as a Planning Center contact, the TIC contact will be added to the synced Group after the sync.

If the contacts in a List in Planning Center are changed (removed or added), the changes will occur in Text in Church.

If a member (in PCO) is removed or added to the synced Group in Text in Church, the change will not be reflected in Planning Center.

See Two Way Sync Integration for more specifics!

Syncing Frequencies

  • You are able to have all the Lists you synced from PCO into TIC synced every night, once a week, or even once a month. All the contacts that were updated or added into Planning Center will be updated or added into TIC during that determined sync frequency.

  • You can change your sync frequency for every Group either inside of that Group or you can change it inside of the Integrations tab inside of your Settings.

Two-Way Sync Integration

  • Not only does your Planning Center list sync to Text In Church, but any new person you create or add inside one of Text In Church’s synced Groups will automatically add that person into Planning Center.

  • PCO is considered the “Master Database,” so editing your contacts’ information needs to be done there.  During the nightly sync, this edited information will then get updated into TIC.  PCO will only save new contacts sent over from TIC.  Any information you edit in TIC that already exists in PCO (i.e. a contact’s phone number) will be changed back to what PCO has saved.

  • When a new person is sent over from TIC, you can find them in the People section of PCO under “newly created profiles.”  They will not automatically be sent to a specific List.


  • The contacts will be kept in TIC and can be found on the "People" page.

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