In the heat of the summer, we are working away to provide you hot new updates to keep making life easier with Text In Church! 

Here are the highlights from our July 11th, 2019 update.

*Staff Notifications: As requested, we’ve expanded our options for staff notifications. Now you can choose to add multiple phone numbers or email addresses for the form completion staff notifications. 

Anytime someone fills out one of your connect cards (SCC or DCC), these alerts will be sent to notify you (high five for getting that info!) as well as remind you to do a next step as needed.  We’ve also done some clean up of the data that is sent in the emails.  It now includes just the information unnecessary data details to clutter it up :) 

*Members Tab Enhanced Search: We understand the power of searching for information within Text In Church. The Members tab inside the Groups section now allows you to sort both First Name and Last Name. You can also sort by any column list as needed; just click on the column header in bold.

*Enhanced Mobile Optimization: We know that you like to send messages on the go, so we’ve made enhancements to both the view and performance of the full web browser version of Text In Church.

We're constantly working to improve Text In Church and would love your feedback on these new enhancements!

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