Text In Church gives you the option to quickly pause, or make inactive, all Automated Workflow steps with just one click!  An example of when you’d need this is if services are cancelled for the week and you don't want reminders about coming to service going out.  Another example would be if you are importing a large number of people to the group that don't need the follow up. 


Here’s how to do it: just select ‘Groups,’ select the name of the group, and select the ‘Automated Workflows tab.

When inside this tab, you will see a symbol with two bars at the top right corner that you can click to pause all workflow steps.

You will get a pop up box that asks to confirm this is what you wish to do, and you will click ‘OK’.


Now anyone already in the group or anyone added to the group will not be able to get workflow steps while paused. When you reactivate, it will resume with the schedule you created and will not go back and send any missed messages.

To learn how to turn these messages back on with one click go here.

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